Kamis, 16 Juni 2011


Dear ariev,

Thanks for choosing Dot TK - Renaming The Internet.

You might not be aware that UINFORMATIKA.TK is currently suspended -
this is because it has had less than 25 hits in the last 90 days.
In order that you don't lose your unique identity on the internet
please take the time to upgrade now!

Don't forget you should use your Dot TK web address everywhere,
whether you're sending out blog updates or giving out your address
to friends and family, let them know that UINFORMATIKA.TK is worth

It's time to act! In 10 days from now we won't be able to guarantee
that your unique piece of the internet will be available.

Imagine clicking on UINFORMATIKA.TK in less than two weeks, and you
will see someone else's website there!

How to Upgrade:

Simply click on the below link to enter My Dot TK and pay for the
registration of UINFORMATIKA.TK.

This starts from just USD 6.95 a year and comes with a whole host of
extra benefits, such as legal ownership, DNS Service and no more
ads! On top of that, if you pay, there is no minimum requirement
of 25 hits per 90 days anymore.

In order to upgrade simply go to
login using your username and password and click on 'My Domains'.
Then just choose how long you want to register for (you can save
up to 30%). We accept a whole host of payment options, including
credit card and PayPal.
Remember : act now to ensure access to your personalised domain name,
and thanks again for helping us here at Dot TK by Renaming The Internet.

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